In contrast to every other manufacturer of condensed aerosol generators, we offer aerosol generators which provide various ways to discharge the aerosol – axial, radial, and reversible.

Aerosol generator fire suppression


Transport safety

Innovative technologies for fire protection of transportation facilities

The technical level of vehicle fire protective equipment has not been changed substantially for the past decades and it has been based on the use of hand portable fire extinguishers only.
Experience of use of portable fire extinguisher within fire suppression on transportation means has shown its insufficient effectiveness due to some features such as:
- late detection of fire (by external signs only) and, as a consequence, fire development to dimensions when it can not be suppressed by a hand portable fire extinguisher;
- need for opening hood for supply of fire extinguishing agent, and that in its turn leads to substantial intake of fresh air into burning area causing sharp rise of burning intensity;
- high malfunction probability of hand portable fire extinguishers operated by drivers in extreme conditions (constant vibration and impact loads, temperature drops, increased humidity etc.);
- training absence of majority of drivers for operation with fire extinguishers due to lack of corresponding skills;
- possibility of errors in actions of even the most trained drivers, because every fire event is a stressful situation developing within unpredictable scenario.
All that facts insistently dictate the necessity to create effective and easy-to-use predominantly automatic or autonomous fire-extinguishing means and systems for transportation vehicles. AFETECH suggests solutions for protection of almost all the transport facilities.