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New line of extinguishing products ExStream for stationary and mobile applications. The products are highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

The modules and based on this technology extinguishing systems support less than 1 second delivery of a required amount of extinguishing powder into the fire zone. On duty mode the modules are not under pressure.

New Products

Condensed aerosol generator ExStream-AC3500

New family of condensed aerosol generators with circular discharge
The advantages of this type of aerosol generators are high efficiency, low discharge time and notable extinguishing application density. We achieved an extinguishing factor of 28 grams per cubic metre! There is no other generator with such a feature all over the world.

Condensed aerosol generator ExStream-AE6300

Condensed aerosol generator ExStream-AE6300
The generator protects more than 100 cub. m. Due to the low temperature aerosol flow, it could be use for fire protection of computer rooms, control centers, vessels, power plants etc.