We have developed universal fire extinguishing condensed aerosol generators capable of working in not only stationary facilities but also in moving objects where temperature and vibration load cover wider range of values.

Aerosol generators for fire suppression


New Technologies

AFETECH is working for promotion and implantation of new technologies in firefighting

Our new line of condensed aerosol generators labeled ExStream is based on environment friendly extinguishing technology with aerosol obtained by burning of special aerosol compound. As a result the mixture of inert gas and ultra-fine particles - carbons or alkaline metal chlorides are created and thus exercising combined influence on burning process. On one part small particles take inhibiting effect on chemical reaction of burning, and on the other part they facilitate heat removal due to endothermic decomposition reactions.
The highest effectiveness level has been achieved by these means for protection of engine and other fire dangerous compartments, electric and equipment cabinets and other complicated closed objects with high packing density of equipment.
Resistance to extreme operational factors, simplicity of installation, easy operation and maintenance and low price allowed these means to become commonly used in fire-extinguishing systems.
We highly recommend as well new technology of impulse powder extinguishing.
The essence of this extinguishing method is momentarily saturation of extinguishing concentration on fire. The result is instantly extinguishing with minimal loss and low powder consumption. The powder module ejects all the quantity of powder for 0,1-0,2 s – it equivalents of 3,0 kg/s intensity of powder feed.
The pressure required for ejection of the powder is created directly before the action. On duty mode the modules are not under pressure.