We have developed universal fire extinguishing condensed aerosol generators capable of working in not only stationary facilities but also in moving objects where temperature and vibration load cover wider range of values.


Powder Extinguishing systems

Developing the market strategy we were aiming high willing to offer to our customers effective and innovative fire extinguishing equipment for protection of practically all stationary and movable objects.

However, condensed aerosol generators as means for volume fire extinguishing are effective only in spaces with high levels of atmospheric isolation. The isolation level should be no less than 95%.
For the fire safety of spaces and equipment found in the open and semi-open spaces, local-volume or surface fire extinguishing systems should be mounted.  In this case, the powder fire extinguishing system based on modules for impulse and short term work are very efficient, accessible and often irreplaceable. The application of the powder fire extinguishing is even wider than the one of the aerosol generators. They can be used for the fire safety of every kind of stationary object as well as transportation vehicles and vessels.
The innovative impulse powder extinguishing technology provides instantly fire suppression and quick efficient action within seconds after detection of fire. There is no pressure inside the powder container in stand alone mode. The required for discharge pressure is created just after the actuation of powder module.
Both aerosol and powder fire extinguishing equipments of AFETECH are environmentally friendly, cause no ozone depletion and do no harm to living creatures. The products are easy to mount and exploit and do not require special servicing. The fire extinguishing systems based on aerosol generators and powder modules are significantly cheaper than the gas, water and other fire extinguishing systems.