We have developed universal fire extinguishing condensed aerosol generators capable of working in not only stationary facilities but also in moving objects where temperature and vibration load cover wider range of values.


Powder extinguishing

Impulse fire suppression mechanism using fire extinguishing powder

It has been determined experimentally that powder modules suppress effectively sources of gasoline burning in the open air (within unlimited ventilation) on the area 10 - 15 m2 for the time less than one second. According to expert opinion such sources of fire can not be suppressed for the specified time by any means known today.
Fire suppression using powder compositions is performed on the base of interaction of the following factors: dilution of fire dangerous medium by gaseous products of powder decomposition or immediately by powder cloud; cooling of burning area due to heat losses for heating of powder particles, its partial  evaporation and decomposition in flame; fire-resistance effect similar to screen, gravel and similar flame arresters; inhibition of chemical reactions providing development of burning process, gaseous products of evaporation and decomposition of powders or interruption of chains of burning chemical reaction on the surface of powders or solid products of its decomposition. Interaction of all these factors provides powders with high fire extinguishing capability.