We have developed universal fire extinguishing condensed aerosol generators capable of working in not only stationary facilities but also in moving objects where temperature and vibration load cover wider range of values.



Main features of operating conditions of transport fire extinguishing means

The fire-extinguishing means designated for protection of engine and other fire dangerous compartments of motor-vehicle transport should meet the follow conditions:
- sufficiently high dynamic overloads (impact with intensity up to 20g);
- vibrations within frequency range from 5 to 500 Hz and amplitude up to 10 g;
- continuous exposure of elevated temperatures (up to +125°С);
- sudden drops of temperature within the range from -60°С to +125°С;
- exposure of increased humidity and water jets;
- exposure of ram air containing dust and sand;
- exposure of electric discharges;
- exposure of aggressive medium (vapors of gasoline, diesel oil etc.);
- operations in conditions of tight integration of equipment containing fuel supply lines, live wires etc.
Taking into account these conditions any fire-extinguishing means should have a period of operating applicability commensurable with service life of a vehicle (not less than 10 years) and should not require any repair or maintenance works for the whole period of its operation.