Powder Modules

For open and semi-open spaces aerosol generators are not effective. For this type of applications automatic powder extinguishing systems are suitable.


ExStream aerosol generators

In contrast to every other manufacturer of condensed aerosol generators, we offer generators which provide various ways to discharge the aerosol – axial, radial and reversible.

Most of aerosol generators reach a temperature of +400 to 450ºС of the outgoing aerosol while the safe temperature of the stream at 2-2.5 m away from where it is mounted should be 75ºС. It is obvious that these generators cannot be used for automobile engines or in spaces with complex geometry or where the protected equipment is dense. To protect such spaces aerosol generators must have low temperature aerosol discharge.
This problem can be solved by using low temperature aerosol compounds but they typically are less powerful and are not suitable for transportation vehicles and vessels. Developing the ExStream condensed aerosol generators we used homogeneous-high-temperature-vibration-resistant aerosol compound and innovative construction of the aerosol generators with effective coolants. Moreover we constructed 3 different kinds of aerosol generators according the aerosol discharge - axial, radial, and reversible.
ExStream aerosol generators with axial aerosol discharge in terms of technical specifications is similar to most aerosol generators that are currently produced. However, ExStream condensed aerosol generators have exploitation advantages over the similar products because of the working temperature and vibration resistance.
The advantages of aerosol generators with radial discharge are combining higher fire extinguishing efficiency and lower temperature of aerosol stream. For some of the generators on distance over 1cm of the nozzles, the temperature of the stream is not higher than 100° - 120°C.
The generators with gas-dynamic way of cooling (reversible) allows to achieve relatively low temperature of the exhaust stream - lower than 300° for generator with 3kg compound and working time over 25 sec.
The diversity of the aerosol generators regarding their construction and the mass of the loaded aerosol compound allows for:
- creation of multi-optional fire extinguishing systems;
- fire protection of most complex objects and all kind of technical equipment;
- optimization of the expenses for mounting and servicing of fire extinguishing system.