Our projects

Impulse fire extinguishing systems and Aerosol fire extinguishing systems

AFETECH suggests solutions for fire protection of different objects


Fire protection of computer rooms, archives, storages

Storage facilities (archives, libraries, stock-rooms, flammable liquid storages)
For this kind of facilities both aerosol and powder systems are applicable.

Fire protection of electric cabinets

Electrical cabinets, installations and equipment
All the aerosol generators provide safety of enclosures in accordance with Clause 6.3 of CEN/TR 15276-2. If these conditions are not realizable, impulse powder systems shell be adequate. The modules and generators could be mounted as well in raised floors and suspended ceilings.

Fire protection of computer rooms and communications

Data processing & communications
Condensed aerosol generators are the best fire protection equipment for server rooms, radio and TV transmitters' stations, telecommunication centers and etc.

Fire protection of transformers and generators

Transformers/generators stations
We recommend generators ExStream-AE1500 and ExStream-AE3000 for these applications.

Fire protection of vehicles and vessels

Transport facilities
Condensed aerosol generators ExStream are designed specially for mobile applications. Their features exceed all the known similar devices. We have developed projects for protection of trains, trams, ships and boats, cars and buses. We are ready to assist our partners in development of other project for protection of transport.