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New line of extinguishing products ExStream® for stationary and mobile applications. The products are highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

The modules and based on this technology extinguishing systems support less than 1 second delivery of a required amount of extinguishing powder into the fire zone. On duty mode the modules are not under pressure.


Generator of fire extinguishing aerosol with reversible discharge

The generator is intended for protection of enclosed spaces such as: electrical sub-stations, data rooms, marine vessels, trains. Classes of fire A, B, C, F. Different ways of activation - electrically, thermally, manually.
The extinguishing agent is non-toxic, keeps the oxygen content, does not damage property, machinery and electronics.

Mass of generator - 11.90 kg Max T at the exit - 300°C
Mass of compound - 3.00 kg Distance for T of 75°C - 170 cm
Diameter - 290 mm Operational temperature - -50 - +95°C
Length - 350 mm Max height for installation - 4.0 m
Type of discharge - reversible Protected volume - 55.0 cub. m