In contrast to every other manufacturer of condensed aerosol generators, we offer aerosol generators which provide various ways of aerosol discharge – axial, radial, and reversible.


Aerosol extinguishing systems

We have developed universal condensed aerosol generators, capable of working in not only fixed extinguishinf systems but also in vehicles where temperature and vibration load cover wider range of values.

The analysis of the currently existing aerosol fire extinguishing equipment shows insufficient coverage of the protected facilities. This is a result of the technical specifications of the construction of the aerosol generators. For most of the condensed aerosol generators the working temperature is in the range of -50ºС to +50ºС. Also the acceptable vibration load hardly satisfies the requirements of ISO 15779 and CEN/TR 15276. The above makes aerosol generators unsuitable for many economic and industrial facilities and especially transportation vehicles and vessels.
ExStream condensed aerosol generators keeps working properly after testing for 500 hours at temperature of +125ºС. The optimal exploitation temperature range of our aerosol generators is -50 to +95ºС while multiple raises of the temperature up to +125ºС are acceptable for up to 8 hours. ExStream condensed aerosol generators keeps proper working state during vibration loads and shocks typical for all kinds of transportation vehicles and vessels such as:
- Sinusoidal vibrations in the 1-500Hz range and maximal acceleration of 10g.
- Up to 10,000 mechanical shocks with maximal acceleration of 20g and duration 5 to 15 ms.
- Low atmospheric pressure down to 12,000 Pa.
- Humidity up to 98% at 25ºС including frost and dew.
- Water static hydraulic pressure of 5m for 60 minutes.
- Single mechanical shocks with maximal acceleration of 300g.