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Please visit our booth at the Hannover messe 2014
7 - 11 April 2014
Hannover, Germany ...


New family of condensed aerosol generators with circular discharge was designed ...



Utility model "Aerosol generator with reversible discharge" was registered, 22 August 2012




Our mission is development and application of innovative fire extinguishing technologies and products.

AFETECH is designer and manufacturer of new fire suppression products and systems. Our efforts are focused primarily on condensed aerosol generators and systems, because they are highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cause minimal damage while extinguishing fires. We have recently developed new line of fixed aerosol extinguishing equipment labeled ExStream. The products with the trade mark of ExStream are based on the newest achievements in the field of fire extinguishing satisfying the international standard ISO/DIS 15779, EU standard CEN/TR 15276, and the EU requirements for the environment and fire safety – Directive 626/94 and Regulation 3093/94.